Sequel comes to the big Screen in January 2015

1 Dec 2014

PHOEBE FOX, JEREMY IRVINE , HELEN McCRORY star in The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. 

Evacuated from London during World War II, a party of eight schoolchildren, led by headmistress Jean Hogg and young teacher Eve Parkins, arrive in the near-deserted rural village of Crythin Gifford. Their destination is the now-dilapidated Eel Marsh House, on an island isolated from the mainland by Nine Lives Causeway.
As they seek sanctuary from the horrors of wartime, their presence soon stirs a malevolent force that has haunted this imposing, cut-off building for decades.
As children once more play in the grounds, out of the darkness comes the vengeful spirit, The Woman In Black.

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