GCSE / A Level

In 2012, a highly acclaimed film version of The Woman in Black hit the cinema screens, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps. Now in 2015 a sequel The Angel of Death continues the legacy. This new take on Susan Hill’s classic story means that students and teachers now have an opportunity to study The Woman in Black in three different media: print, stage and now the big screen.

We are delighted to offer teachers and students a FREE Resource Pack for use across the curriculum. It contains activities suitable for students of Drama, Art & Design, Dance, Media Studies, English, Music, ICT, RE, PSHE and Citizenship, from KS3 to KS5, including some of the specialist units of BTEC Performing Arts courses and the Creative and Media Diploma.

The pack is put together in sections, each utilising a chapter heading from Susan Hill’s original novel of The Woman in Black. Each section offers a variety of suggestions that can be used either as isolated activities or as building blocks for a larger scheme of work. Subject headings are given as a guide and should not be considered to be rigid. Most activities can be adapted for students across key stages and at a wide variety of levels.

We hope that this pack will be just a starting point for your students’ work and that you will feel inspired to explore with them the creative horror of The Woman in Black



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